SSR002: Stray Light: Emily Scott and the Fell Down Trio (2014)

Emily Scott’s latest album on heavyweight vinyl, written for string trio and voices. Features Kate Miguda (violin), Rik Evans (viola) and Pete Harvey (cello), and backing vocals by  Fence marvel King Creosote. Recorded at Pumpkinfield, mastered by Reuben Taylor, awesome artwork by Pablo Clark.



“An experimental power house… Stray Light will leave you winded with its sheer depth of beauty and composition” (Ravechild)

“Strings to die for… impeccable music impeccably played” (Scots Whay-hae)

” Modern art songs… the strings are beautifully captured, and her writing for them is highly skilled. ( The Herald)

“Utterly gorgeous… reveals more and more of its charms with each successive play” (17 Seconds)


SSR001: I write letters I never send: Emily Scott (2011)

Glasgow based singer-songwriter Emily Scott’s first record on the label, featuring a foray into string writing, backing vocals by Benni Hemm Hemm; recorded at Malcolm le Maistre’s (Incredible String Band) Gingerbread studio.



“Just perfect for late-night listening” (Iain Anderson Show)

“This evasion of a comfort zone makes Emily Scott one of Edinburgh’s most cherished musical possessions. Free from constraint, her unbridled approach to expressionism creates a sound that’s crisp and poignant  (The Scotsman)

“I was blown away by it” (Ukulele Hunt)

“In short, it’s superb” (Drunken werewolf)

“Musically, vocally and lyrically this album offers something that many (if not the majority of) artists are unable to provide, a genuinely quirky and unique listening experience” (Peenko)

“It’s an album for finding yourself in, and losing yourself in” (Gigape)

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